These Terrifying Displays of Dead Animals Will Make You Feel Uneasy

 - Jun 17, 2013
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These terrifying displays by the 'IDIOTS' art group showcases a grotesque nature that will make many people feel uneasy.

The art group compromised of Afke Golsteijn, Ruben Taneja and Floris Bakker crafted these hauntingly beautiful displays with the use of jewelry, everyday objects and taxidermy. The taxidermy display showcases an array of animals in a manner that will upset many animal rights activists. According Goldsteijn, his intention for creating these terrifying displays was to provide a story of sorts -- what that story is, is up to your interpretation. Partially decapitated cats, fetus cows and sawed-off foxes are just some of the beautifully deceased displays that are showcased.

Whatever one's interpretation of these displays are, there's no denying that the manner of how these were showcased will give anyone an uneasy feeling.