The Tempescope by Ken Kawamoto Simulates the Forecast at People's Desks

 - May 30, 2015
References: tempescope & thisiscolossal
Weather forecasts never appear accurate, so a person might as well rely on something like the Tempescope to inform them what the day will be like. It's an ambient weather device that simulates the forecast to create a more artistic experience of such data. The perfect decor for desktops (or bedside tables), the Tempescope was designed by Ken Kawamoto.

Taking on the form of a simple transparent box, the Tempescope downloads information about upcoming weather off the internet, which it then translates into a variety of modes to replicate sunshine, clouds, rain and even lightning. This is Colossal shares, "Kawamoto made an early version of the device available as a free open-source project called OpenTempescope so you can try building your own, but a consumer version is planned for Kickstarter later this year."