The Teja2 Curva2 Offers Soft and Simple Storage Versatility

 - Jan 13, 2012
Detail is not a necessary criterion to make a beautiful object, proven effectively and elegantly by the Teja2 Curva2 shelves. Essentially just a piece of layered and bent plywood, each L-shaped module fulfills its function without the frills, but remains very easy on the eyes.

The delightful design by 3PATAS is remarkably versatile considering its simplicity. Units can be hung or cantilevered against the wall, or installed in a row of alternating arrangements. Every piece places its second ledge vertically, producing a charming effect of beechwood paneling that itself becomes a work of art.

You might not have thought of introducing wall-mounted shelves as a means of enhancing your interior design, but the Teja2 Curva2 storage system can bring abstract flair to a monotonous mural. The cute crooked components even come in a bold red and a cool grey for a little added color.