Artist Dara Gold Creates Masterpieces Out of Tea Stains

Artist Dara Gold has a refreshing take on artwork in her pieces that are made almost entirely out of tea stains.

Instead of just using brown tea, she infuses fruit teas into her work, adding all sorts of colors to make vibrantly beautiful pictures. Her tea creations are very fun and playful, as they are usually pictures of cartoon characters. For example, she has a picture of the characters from the TV show Adventure Time. She also portrays her ability to create more detailed pictures such as the one of Garrus from the video game Mass Effect. To add texture to the art, she uses ink to highlight certain aspects of each picture and to further enhance the pieces.

These pieces don’t need many materials, but making a picture out of tea stains definitely requires patience and talent. Dara Gold portrays these qualities, which is why her tea stain art is truly remarkable.

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