The Fif-TEA Exhibition Allows Artists to Showcase Their Teapot Designs

The Fif-TEA exhibition features over 50 artists who create teapots out of a plethora of materials.

If you think teapots are boring, you haven't seen any of these designs. Artists use clay, metal, glass, wood and fiber to create some of the most extravagant pouring vessels you'll ever set your eyes on. Basically, a teapot needs to have a spout, a handle and a hole at the top so you can fill it; other than that, it's fair game to get as creative as possible.

The exhibition has teapots that resemble swimming pools, sea creatures, trees, dragons, ships and more. This is the Craft Alliance's 50th anniversary of the Fif-TEA exhibition, so to celebrate, each artist is allowed to create a teacup to go along with their pot.