FREAKS Freearchitects Makes Tribal Act More Versatile

When it comes to tattoo parlors, Tribal Act in Paris is one of the most renown in the area. Instead of just being a place where people wait in a cramped area, the owners have made the entire experience one of relaxation (which might not happen when the actual tattooing starts happening).

To do this interior redesign, Tribal Act hired FREAKS Freearchitects to come up with something that is trendy yet versatile. Where the tattooing actually takes place, they designed three colorful partitions that can be moved around for additional privacy. However, this also allows the artists to adjust how much space they have, depending on what they are working on. People also now have a large waiting room to look at jewelry and magazines, which is perfect before going in and talking to the artists. Photo Credits: designboom, freaksfreearchitects