TargetExpress Retail Shops Are Super Small Versions of Its Locations

 - Aug 6, 2014
References: abullseyeview & retailingtoday
Instead introducing a big box store, Target is experimenting with TargetExpress, a much more condensed and highly curated version of its full-sized stores. The first TargetExpress of its kind went up in downtown Minneapolis' Dinkytown, consisting of just 20,000 square feet for electronics, food, clothing, cosmetics and a pharmacy.

Due to the proximity of the store to Minneapolis University, this particular TargetExpress has strong ties to the community, featuring graphic signage designed by a local university grad and a section full of school memorabilia. Despite its small size, the store has a decently sized Market, full of fresh produce, meat, deli, dairy as well as grab and go items for lunch and dinner to appeal to the ever-busy university student.