This Computerized Tape Gun Builds Life-Size Furniture Prototypes

The 'Protopiper' is a computerized tape gun that can build full-scale, life-size furniture.

The quirky tape gun tool was designed to help interior decorators, both professional and amateur, decide how to fit various pieces of furniture into a limited space. Simply upload a blueprint to the digital tape gun, and it will shoot out lengths of tape in the proper sizes specified by the design. It rolls the tape to create sturdy tubes, then sticks them together so that users can produce entire prototypes without putting the Protopiper down. It's almost like being able to create a physical, 3D sketch in the air in front of you.

While apps offered by furniture stores largely do the work of conceptualizing interior spaces, it's nice to be able to physically move around a prototype. This tape gun tool could also be extremely useful for industrial designers looking to create new pieces of furniture.