These Sesame King Tahini Pastes Boast Non-GMO Certification

Sesame King Tahini's new line of tahini pastes, including roasted and light roasted varieties, are exceptionally delicious and nutritious, seeing as how they are certified by the Non-GMO Project.

These delicious tahini pastes come in seven mouthwatering flavor varieties including Olive Oil, Garlic, Honey, Cajun and even Chocolate. Each of these tahini paste products is high in vitamin and protein content, and is guaranteed to be completely free of preservatives and additives, as well as allergens such as peanuts and tree nuts. Free of trans fats and gluten as well, these tahini pastes are pure, natural and delicious, and made from nothing but pure ground sesame seeds.

Tahini paste makes for an exceptional condiment for a variety of foods, and Sesame King Tahini's offerings can be used by everyone including those with concerns over GMOs or people suffering from food allergies.