Tactical Assault Commander 3 Offers High Sensitivity and Control

 - Oct 23, 2011
References: hori.jp & ohgizmo
The Tactical Assault Commander 3 (TAC 3) is made for serious online gamers looking for a leg up from the competition. This militarized keyboard and mouse undeniably offers a better gaming setup than a typical console controller. Considering how big online gaming is becoming, it's great to see tech companies coming out with better tools to game with.

The Tactical Assault Commander 3 provides adjustable sensitivity to allow for stability and precision aiming, or fast responses depending on what actions are required. This keyboard and mouse setup also boasts interchangeable buttons for a customized layout. The keyboard has a dedicated walk button that increases the control the gamer has over his (or her) player.

The Tactical Assault Commander 3 will prove useful during crunch time.