Monkey Kit Tablet Stand Design is Inspired by Animal Tails

 - Jan 27, 2013
References: octa & kickstarter
Monkey Kit is the ultimate tablet stand design.

Inspired by the creator's love for animals, the tail-shaped tablet stand encompasses functionality features intended by a variety of tablet stands that are currently on the market. There are immense amounts of specialized tablet stands suited to serve different purposes such as night reading, cooking and driving practices. Monkey Kit, with its tail-shaped design is suitable to be used on any surface that the user can tuck, curl and wrap the tail on. It can be wrapped on the treadmill, stood up on a dinner table, brought to eye level for bed time movies and shaped to fit into one's car compartments.

Monkey Kit is compatible with iPads and many other tablet types. It is adjustable to an infinite possibility of positions and is very durable. This all-in-one design is cleverly designed and is currently being funded on Kickstarter.