Make Handling an iPad More Comfortable With the Tablet Claw

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: kickstarter & geekologie
The existence of the Tablet Claw mean one less step in the process of using an iPad, but what step is it? Holding it. Since its debut appearance at Mac World, the iPad has been referred to as an oversized version of the iPhone (minus the cellular functionality). So why not hold and use the tablet as though it were a cellphone?

The Tablet Claw allows you to realize that potential with its easy-to-use clip and support system. Simply attach the 'claw' to the tablet and slip your fingers through the durable ring and hold the device upright! At first glance, I expected this accessory to be painful to use -- but don't worry, the iPad weighs less than two pounds. The Tablet Claw, however, only exists in concept for the time being and requires some $14,000 in Kickstarter funds before going public. If you're keen on the idea, why not contribute to the project and earn yourself a free unit?