The T3 Biodiesel Hibrido Has an Interior Optimized for Functional Space

 - Feb 6, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
The price that automotive manufacturers pay for aerodynamics is the sacrifice of precious cabin space. Take a look at the T3 Biodiesel Hibrido and you may appreciate how much of that most cars miss out on by comparison.

This particular eco vehicle wasn't designed for speed, with its priority settling on reliable transportation, primarily for passengers who use wheelchairs. Based on this program, Luis Cordoba opened up the inside of the van, ridding it of inflexible built-in elements so to maximize versatility and enhance the overall roominess for seat maneuvering. To accomplish this, the form of the T3 Biodiesel Hibrido takes a tall rectangular shape with only very steep slopes for a streamlined appearance. The result provides greater height throughout the floor of the concept car, topped off with a fold-out ramp for ingress.