Cheeky T-Shirts by Chrum Retell Fairytales and Movie Plots

 - Jan 9, 2010   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: ww.chrum
The iconic Polish graphic design studio Chrum (named for the Polish word for 'piggy') has released a new design of tee shirts that take classic tales from your childhood and subvert them to more adult meanings.

You may not wear a Chrum tee shirt to the office, but these shirts are great for edgy gifts. These tees' direct humor comes straight from Poland and are a must-see when searching for a good idea.

Implications - Consumers are attracted to these t-shirts because they feel empowered when aware of the source material for each shirt's design. Corporations trying to differentiate themselves from their peers may consider utilizing pop culture design elements as added incentive for consumers to buy their products.