Sydney Loves Quacks

 - Mar 23, 2008   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: reuters
Some fashion shows quack me up. In Sydney they feature a fest of webbed feet for a wonderful fete. No ugly ducks here, they are all dressed to kill. Don't ask for the bill, however. Some ducks prefer to be judged on fleet webness, so they race. No fair goosing the contestants.

"Behatted ducks in pink, green and yellow outfits waddled down the catwalk in the Pied Piper Duck Show at one of Australia's most famous annual country festivals.

Brian Harrington, who runs the show, believes his feathered models are just as talented as their human counterparts, and completely under-appreciated."

Implications - The pet products and services industry was once based on the basic maintenance of a cuddly critter; however, it is now based on pet personification, with pet owners looking to instill human attributes into their companions.