The 'Anchor Up' Swizzle Sticks Will Keep Your Drinks Adorned in Style

Raising money for disaster relief, swizzle sticks with a unique anchor design called 'Anchor Up' were released. Part of the sales from the cocktail anchors will go towards rebuilding the coastal community of Hoboken. Stored in a plastic shaker, the anchors are a stylish way to adorn your drinks this summer. The cocktail anchors are made of food-grade plastic and come in seven different colors.

The acrylic shaker that the anchors are stored in have another purpose besides looking great. The shakers were built to handle washing your anchors in a simple four step process. First, you throw your used cocktail anchors in the shaker. Then, after filling it with hot water and soap, shake it as if you were making a drink. Finally, remove the cap and let your anchors air dry.