Switchmate Converts Existing Light Switches Into Smart Switches

 - Mar 27, 2015
References: myswitchmate & gizmag
Switchmate is a gadget that converts existing light switches into smart switches, making it possible for you to control your lights from your phone, switch them off from your bed, set them up to turn on when you arrive home, etc. What's great about this particular smart switch solution is that it offers the functionality without requiring you to worry about new wirings and fittings.

Once the Switchmate attachment is hooked up to a light switch, users can control the switch using a companion smartphone app. Lights can be controlled from a distance, scheduled to come on and off at particular times and switch on when users' presence at home is detected.

Switchmate isn't just a convenience and novelty solution, but a product that is eco-friendly and will help households control their energy use.