Swiss Space Systems is Offering Inexpensive Zero-Gravity Flights

 - May 22, 2014
References: & gizmag
While most people who dream of astronauts don't even come close to making it, Swiss Space Systems is bidding to at least help the average person experience the incredible sensation of zero-gravity. The company will be offered what it claims will be the world's lowest-priced weightlessness-inducing flights in 15 international locations.

Swiss Space Systems' zero-gravity flights will comprise putting passengers on a modified airliner that performs a series of mid-air parabolas. At the top of each arc, passengers will experience 20-25 seconds of weightlessness. Each 90-minute flight will include 15 parabolas amounting to approximately 5-6 minutes of weightlessness.

Each plane will be divided into three sections. $2,700 gets you into the 'Party Room,' which has capacity for 40 people. $6,800 gives you access to the Premium Zone, where you can play with liquids and balloons. Finally, $68,000 can enjoy a tailor-made VIP Room experience.