Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea

 - Aug 18, 2008
References: nytimes
"Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea" is a traveling live arts show on water that combines the talents of American musicians, play writers and other artists. Collectively, the members aboard the seven colourful, handmade ships put on incredible shows as they float down the Hudson River, stopping to entertain at various cities along the way.

"The boats use recycled motors, one from a 1968 Mercedes, another from a Volkswagen Rabbit (itself recycled from 'Miss Rockaway')," the New York Times says. "One uses a gasifier, which burns organic waste materials."

Starting in Troy, NY, they'll make their way through New York harbor, Long Island City, then stop at the Deitch Studios in Queens for an exhibit in September.

The New York Times likened the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea to a fun kids summer camp, only for artsy adults, and I couldn't agree more.