Svrface by Dominik Tarabanski Mixes Still Life and Fashion Photography

 - Nov 9, 2012
References: tarabanski & trendland
Svrface by Dominik Tarabanski, an artist and photographer living and working in New York City, is an artful blend of still life and fashion photography. A striking visual dialogue between body, fabric, space and object, the images conjured up play with people's perception of the norm. Although only slightly quirky, the images question reality just enough to encourage viewers to do the same.

Showcasing the clothing designs of Mateusz Paja, Svrface by Dominik Tarabanski is full of busy patterns and vibrant colors. As written by the photographer, "A series of meanings and associations is encoded as deep as in the pattern that covers the fabric. Elements that appear in the pictures complement one another on many levels. It is the search for a new form of expression within fashion that begins underneath the aforementioned surface."