The Algaculture Symbiosis Suit Will Change the Way We Consume Food

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: burtonnitta & collabcubed
For humans, eating has never been a mutually exclusive affair, but as world population numbers rapidly climb into the billions, Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta's 'Algaculture' feeding suit is aiming to rethink not what we eat, but how we eat.

These UK-based designers are responsible for developing the Algaculture Symbiosis Suit; an apparatus that may look like it's straight out of a Science Fiction film, but really is an eco-friendly solution to the sustainable food dilemmas of the present time.

Burton and Nitta's suit proposes that similar to plants, sea slugs and many other creatures, the human body can become semi-photosynthetic and capable of gaining essential nutrients from light sources. By transforming our consumption patterns into a symbiotic relationship where algae feeds off the carbon dioxide from our breath, the Aglaculture Symbiosis Suit is a trailblazing example of a portable, renewable and sustainable food source of the future.