These Healthy Desserts are Filled with a Hidden Chocolate Centre

These delicious oatmeal surprise cakes by Breakfast Drama Queen turn the popular breakfast meal into a gourmet dessert filled with a hidden sweet centre. These miniature cakes are a healthier treat to enjoy and they add some sweetness to a mundane morning routine.

These single-serve breakfast cakes are filled with wholesome ingredients and a few sweet surprises to make the mornings that much more enjoyable. The cake is made from a mixture of banana, greek yogurt, milk and rolled oats that create an oatmeal-like dough that turns into a dense cake when baked. In the centre of the torte is a delicious hidden peanut butter and dark chocolate centre that turns gooey during the baking process.

These peanut butter surprise oatmeal cakes would be ideal to make for someone on their birthday as a sweet treat that is still a healthy breakfast.