This Simple Graphic Turns Supermarket Receipts into Nutritional Data

 - Feb 22, 2016
References: haydenpeek & fastcoexist
British designer Hayden Peek recently proposed adding nutritional data to supermarket receipts. Although there are a wide variety of health apps designed to educate consumers about what they are eating, obesity rates continue to climb. This initiative would make nutritional data more accessible by combining it directly with the act of buying food.

Peek's idea is to add a simple graphic to the bottom of all supermarket receipts. This graphic would include color-coded symbols outlining nutritional data such as sugar, salt and fat content. If a grocery order is high in a certain category, it will show up as red on the receipt. While the graphic does not reveal exact numbers, the color-coded indicators provide a quick way for consumers to assess whether they are making healthy food choices. The idea is that consumers can ultimately use the information to make better choices over time.

Unlike nutritional labels, the small graphic provides an easy way for consumers to see subtler trends in their food-buying habits.