3-Wheeled 2 Person Scooter

 - Oct 30, 2007
References: random-good-stuff
This little three-wheeled, two-person scooter coupe will zip you around at 30 miles per hour.

"It has automatic transmission with independent all-wheel suspension and shock absorbers that provide a smooth ride on its 13" alloy wheels and rubber tires; front disc brakes and rear drum brakes bring the coupe to confident stops," according to Random Good Stuff. "Driver and passenger are secured with two-point restraint seatbelts, and the coupe's steel tube frame is covered by a fiberglass body with a high-gloss gel coat finish."

If you're 400 pounds, only you can ride; if you are fashion model thin, you wouldn't be caught dead in this anyway. So two 200 pounders will fit max.

Chrome dash, automatic, all wheel suspension, driven by little old lady to pick up a nosh on Sunday. $6,000, OBO. Your choice of red, yellow, green or blue.