Reflect Light to Where You Need it Most with 'The Sunflower'

 - Nov 12, 2012
References: wikoda & springwise
Being able to regulate where sunlight can go is a modern concept for the technological age, which is why Wikoda has created 'The Sunflower' sunlight mirror to help track and direct the suns rays in any direction.

By placing 'The Sunflower' in one location, sunlight can be reflected in any programmed direction using intelligent sensors that track where the sun is in the sky. What you get is a full day of sunlight no matter the location making it perfect for areas that get little to no light. Particularly useful for gardens to help bolster growth, 'The Sunflower' can also be directed towards windows of a home to increase the number of daylight hours, reduce the need for artificial light or help indoor gardens to grow.

Wikoda is selling the device for $399, which seems quite steep but considering the amount of money that can be saved each month on energy bills it may have you wondering what other ways you can harness natural resources.