The 'Summer is Over' Editorial is Bittersweet

Amanda Cerny stars in the aptly-titled 'Summer is Over' editorial, photographed by Mat Abad. Oh, summer -- parting is such sweet sorrow.

Cerny and Abad traveled to Malibu's breathtaking Point Dume, where Cerny did her best "Sports Illustrated cover girl" impression for the cameras. The curvaceous beauty cavorted through the waves, arched her back in the sand and generally soaked up the final rays of the season.

While the weather in southern California is almost always pleasant, the season does bring with it a sense of liberation and relaxation. Yes, summer is coming to a close -- say it ain't so! -- meaning the tragic end of sugary cocktails, golden tans and poolside debauchery, but we'll always have these sexy images of Amanda Cerny bidding us adieu. Until next year!