The Subversive Gardener Concept by Vanessa Harden is a Stealthy Planting Plan

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: vanessaharden & notcot
Vanessa Harden has designed a sneaky way to infuse the world with more greenery in her Subversive Gardener concept. The project consists of seed-filled pills and several everyday objects redesigned to launch these seed pills in a stealthy way.

Among the unexpected objects in the Subversive Gardener concept include the Pistol, a reworked gun that instead digs a hole for the seeds to be dropped into; the Walking Stick, a hollow cane that drops seeds at the user's will; and the Pill Box, a series of unassuming vessels that house seed pills.

Vanessa Harden's Subversive Gardener concept is imbued with Victorian aesthetics and ideals, but it's a thoroughly modern approach to our urbanized world. Would you use one of these designs to green up your city?