From Unfortunate Acronyms to Accidental Innuendos

 - Jul 2, 2009   Updated: Jun 13 2011
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These ridiculous signs will have you exclaiming, “What the hell were they thinking?!” From slogans like “Pump'n'Munch” to Beaver Cleaners businesses, there's no shortage of companies and individuals that like to spice up their stores with sexual innuendos--or perhaps they are just too ignorantly innocent to put two and two together.

Regardless, the signs above will have you wondering how these businesses keep a straight face.

Implications - One of the best ways for a company to stand out in a competitive corporate climate is to create a slogan or ad campaign that deliberately includes puns or sexual innuendos into their advertising. This kind of marketing immediately draws interest from the media and consumers who find the ad/slogan makes good discussion material.