'The Stupid Orchestra' Makes Blendariffic Music

Michael Petermann is the conductor of 'The Stupid Orchestra.' It’s the most unconventional, cool and unique musical piece you may ever witness.

Petermann decided to make a symphony -- but not using strings, percussion, or any actual instruments. Instead, Petermann arranged 200 electric household appliances and timed them perfectly to make repetitive, in-time noises with one another.

If you’re into household appliance music (I don’t think you’ll find that section in your local music shop or on iTunes) and you want to fill this void in your life, then your prayers have been answered. You can hear the heavenly sounds of blenders, beaters, electric knives and razors making symphonic noises in time with one another at the MKG Hamburg Museum. A special exhibit will be made for Michael Petermann’s different and unique musical experience.