These Decadent Cookies and Cream Biscuits are Filled with Whole Oreos

 - Dec 10, 2015
References: kirbiecravings & kirbiecravings
For foodies that enjoy getting the most of out their dessert cravings, these Oreo Stuffed Cookies and Cream Cookies are a deliciously meta recipe that feature two biscuits enveloped into one. The dish features a chocolate Oreo crumble cookie with a full-sized Oreo baked in the centre. When eaters go to take a bite, they will have an overwhelming taste of Oreo served in two different formats.

The double decker cookies are made from a standard sugar cookie dough featuring butter, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs and pudding mix that is topped with crushed Oreos. The contrast of the sugar cookie dough and the crumbled Oreos recreates the Cookies and Cream flavor. The sugary dough is then wrapped around a whole Oreo and baked.

The Oreo Stuffed Cookies and Cream Cookies creatively offer consumers two different textural ways to enjoy one popular flavor, further enhancing the eating experience.