The Study Cube Takes Cramming to the Next Level

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: technabob & likecool
Despite the relative silence proffered by libraries, rarely is it possible to experience complete seclusion like the Study Cube. Resembling a confession box, the wooden cubicle is just big enough to fit a desk and a chair, and just large enough to keep your thoughts fitted in.

Designed to help those who still find the small distractions that surround them bothersome, the Study Cube offers a complete shut-off from the outside world. The cube has already been sold in South Korea for over a year, and is priced at approximately $2,200. While the box may be seen as a somewhat unconventional location for studying, the time it takes to find a study spot, or to settle down, is drastically reduced by having the immediate accessibility to a secluded study spot.