Toronto's 'Rage Room' Provides a Novelty Experience in Smashing Things

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: battlesports & psfk
The latest craze in stress-relieving practices is here, and it's not yoga or meditation-related. Toronto's 'Rage Room' plain and simply lets visitors rent protective gear and smash things.

While a hilariously unsual concept, this room is actually really good for those who bottle stress up and need a physical way to safely release it. 'Battle Sports' provides a full-body protective suit and mask, objects to break and a half-hour of alone time at bat. Among the breakable items to choose from are a vase, wine glass, picture frame and wooden chair, all varying in price.

Novelty experiences are on the rise in big cities, with things like axe-throwing and escape-rooms gaining popularity. Good for stress-relieving as well as entertainment, Toronto's 'Rage Room' will likely do extremely well seeing as there is no shortage of bored and stressed out millennial city dwellers.