Truly Bizarre Presents from Com-pa-ny

 - Dec 12, 2008
References: com-pa-ny & nylonmag
Every holiday season we ask the question, "What do you give to the person who has everything?" I have the answer: Things they already have, only stranger.

Com-pa-ny offers the bizarre, wacky and strange products of which I speak. These gifts are sure to titillate even the most apathetic of recipients this season.

Photo #1: This product showcases what they call "Sofa’s Friend."  This pillow is shaped like a person (strangely a headless one) for those chilly nights when you want to cuddle and find yourself alone. Hey, what better way to snuggle if you can’t afford your own fembot!

Photo #2: If you’ve ever heard the expression, "I love that sweater so much I could live in it," or "That sweater is so boxy," now you can take yourself literally with these… well… whatever they are.

Photo #3: Keep your kids in line (and teach them to be big pervs when they grow up) with the "Happy Skirt."  Please note the breathing holes included for your child’s comfort!

Photo #4: Recycled handbags taken to a whole new level.

Photo #5: I’m not sure if the "Dog Stool" is meant for dogs or people, but what I do know is that this product has an incredibly unfortunate name.

Photo #6: This is called "Sleeping Furniture." Is the furniture sleeping, because I know I won’t be sleeping on a wood surface any time soon (fingers crossed--you never know in a bad economy).

Photo #7: The "Banchan Bag" is my favorite. Take that, TSA officials!

Photo #8: Barack Obama recently revealed in the media that he can’t grow facial hair. President Obama, I have the answer to your woes with "BeardWear."  Now you can have facial hair and look like you’re working with toxic chemicals, all at the same time. What more could you want from life? The Presidency? Pfft.

Photo #9: Show him where to put his hands with the "Pocket Jacket."

Photo #10:  This crazy wall contraption thingy opens up into a cot. I’ve had apartments where this actually would have come in handy!