Robinhood is a No-Charge Stock Trading App

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: robinhood & uncrate
This stock trading app will be the first broker you ever visited that doesn't charge you for each trade. The new app called 'Robinhood' is the first broker to not charge you for any of trading. Each trade you make can usually cost up to $10, but Robinhood is charge-free and doesn't make any commission off your trades.

Though the app is named after a iconic thief, it does not steal money from you. Even those who held back on buying stocks in the past because of all the extra brokerage costs can now afford to play the market the way they want to.

This app could change the face of Wall Street. It operates completely differently by using less overhead and was built by a trust-worth team with a resume that includes Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Pixar, Oracle and Facebook.