Stinky Feet Can Win You Cash

 - Mar 22, 2007
References: ksl
For 32 years, people in Utah have been winning cash prizes for having the most disgusting smelling shoes, according to This March, Katharine Tuck, 13, from Utah won a competition for having the most foul smelling runners. Her sports shoes were less than two years old, but she ranked first place in the 32nd annual National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest, winning $2,500. said the first competition was held "in 1975 as a store promotion and is now sponsored by the maker of anti-foot odor products," and it "pits children from around the nation who have won state competitions for the cruddy condition of their footwear."

Parents concerned with their child's lack of socks in their runners should consider launching similar competitions in their towns. Before you know it, that odorous shoes may transform from olfactory burden to the sweat smell of money.