STILL LIFE COMES ALIVE is an Incredible Typographic Installation

 - Mar 3, 2011
References: brianlsf & tbpdesign.blogspot
STILL LIFE COMES ALIVE is a massive installation that was constructed from thousands of pieces of paper. The multiple pieces were folded and shaped to spell out the sentence that both shows and describes the idea.

What's remarkable about STILL LIFE COMES ALIVE is that there is a flow and an organic feel that was incorporated into the design. The installment moves from the natural shape and nature of paper, and as you move toward the center it begins to bulge, bend and contort into the angular shapes.

The creation of STILL LIFE COMES ALIVE was a group effort. Creative direction was lead by Kyosuke Nishida, art direction by Brian Li and Sean Yendrys with the help of team members Dominic Liu, Stefan Spec and Duc Tran.