Jordi Diez Fernandez Crafted an Immaculate Futuristic Steel Woman

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: jordidiezfernandez &
Barcelona-based sculptor Jordi Diez Fernandez crafted a stunning steel woman that stands at nearly 2 meters tall, with just the sculpture's neck and head poking out of the ground.

The steel woman is robotic-looking, with the intricate designs that make up her features giving the piece a otherworldly component. By weaving metal webs, Jordi Diez Fernandez allows surrounding sunlight to leak through the sculpture, allowing it to change appearances as it takes on new settings. In addition, the design of the steel woman makes it easier to transport, allowing for more exposure. With the piece placed in a number of different natural areas, its futuristic appearance contrasts vibrantly, making it look starkly out of place and more entrancing as a result.