The Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun Annihilates in the Looks Department

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: neilshy & randommization
This thing may not be an actual weapon, but the Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun clearly kills in the looks department. Especially when compared to the weapons available to people in the Victorian era, the time period that inspired this contraption.

The Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun is made by Neil Morrison using, as Randomization reports, "a telescope, candlestick holders, brass light fittings, valves, a vintage blowtorch and a few other things." I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing lying around in Nikola Tesla's house as it looks like some sort of ominous death ray.

Implications - In an attempt to cope with the ever-changing technological front, consumers are turning to steampunk to provide them with gadgets that are oddly familiar while satiating their need to be cutting-edge. Corporations looking to introduce new technologies to consumers will enjoy a better reception if they incorporate familiar design elements.