The Station Reported Device Directs the Blind to Their Desired Buses

 - Apr 4, 2014
References: & yankodesign
The innovative concept behind the Station Reported Device offers the visually impaired a range of extraordinarily helpful functions. The user would wear this gadget comfortably around his palm, enabling him to interact with it easily by the fingers on that very hand.

The idea for this assistive gizmo won Zhengmu Fang, Liang Wenshan and Liu Junming a Dongguan Cup. It encourages people who suffer from blindness to walk with greater confidence. Basically, sensors are constantly gathering information about the wearer's surroundings and the Station Reported Device subsequently creates two-dimensional visuals of obstacles ahead through the use of EVTSS technology. It also uses vibrating feedback to guide a person to a bus stop, to choose the appropriate route and to notify him of the vehicle's arrival.