The 50 and 50: State Mottos Project Gives Freedom to Designers

The familiar slogans of America's fifty states get a makeover with the 50 and 50: State Mottos project curated by designer Dan Cassaro of Brooklyn, New York. Fifty designers, each hailing from a different state in the USA, were given the opportunity to re-imagine their state's motto in illustrated form. Influenced by state history, stereotypes, and their own experience, these creations represent a part of American life -- or, as Cassaro calls it, "a kind of designer's atlas." Each design is unique, just like the state it depicts, ranging from comedic satire to heartfelt patriotic tributes. Maayan Pearl's 'New Jersey' piece is a fresh and fun twist on the state's reputation, while Seth Neilson's 'Wyoming' is a beautiful starry night salute to the nation's founding principles.

The 50 and 50: State Mottos project takes viewers on an interesting ride through the American experience, as interpreted by designers of various backgrounds. The entire collection is accessible online, with each designer's print made available to purchase.