The 'White Persuasion' Editorial Showcases Stark Designs

The 'White Persuasion' editorial for Gynaika Magazine features geometric, white and stark designs that are perfect for a trip to the Mediterranean. The editorial's model, Avalon Kip, is outfitted in several white ensembles that positively shine in the strong Greek sunlight.

These white outfits are captivatingly bright but one in particular grabs the viewer's eye. It consists of a cute minimalist white bathing suit with a white crochet-knit sweater over top a large statement necklace and a goofy white visor. The resulting outfit is a beautiful example of luxurious loungewear and it a perfect transition outfit between the beach and a Mediterranean cafe.

Photographer Thanassis Krikis does a great job of making sure that Kip complements her background rather than contrast it. Her all-white outfits blend into the pale stone and blue skied backdrops, creating a fluid photo series that showcases some perfect stark designs for a Mediterranean holiday.