The Ship Design for Clone Wars TV Series is Based on Dinosaur Vetabrae

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: svpow & io9
Ever wonder how SciFi franchises like Star Wars design their ships and environments? One confirmed piece of inspiration for the futuristic designs lies in the natural designs of the ancient past. Leave it to eagle-eyed nerds to notice that the Umbaran starfighters from the Clone Wars TV series looked rather familiar. The familiarity was bred from the striking similarity to the shape of the vertebrae of an apatosaurus.

David Hobbins, the original designer of the ship confirmed that the similarity between the dino bones and Star Wars design was more than just coincidence.

The most exciting thing about the design however, is the fact that we're now one step closer to seeing dinosaurs in spaceships, which would only be the coolest thing to ever happen to SciFi or archaeology.