Star Trek HD is an Updated, Upscaled Version of the Sci-Fi Classic

The announcement of Star Trek HD is the development fans have been waiting for. It's become almost impossible for newcomers to digest the ground-breaking series considering the choppy visuals and outdated effects. Making the dive into Star Trek much easier, CBS has decided to completely remaster the video and audio of The Next Generation.

Captain Picard's shiny, bald scalp never looked so good! Star Trek HD has not only brought together the talented cast of TNG, but it's brought fans together once again. As with the Star Wars trilogies, a polished and updated version of the canon always grabs the attention of series followers, who are often looking for an excuse to jump back in.

Star Trek HD is slated for a fall release and should be available via Netflix. Just avoid the show finale, 'All Good Things' -- All the stoicism and napkins in the world couldn't stop you from shedding a couple tears.