Get Your Gaze On in the Star Theatre Planetarium

 - Jan 12, 2014
References: firebox & thinkgeek
There’s a calming sensation that we get when we look up at the star filled sky and the Star Theatre Planetarium focuses on that feeling. If you live in the city, or have to endure those cloudy nights during the winter, then sadly you might not get a chance to spot the stars as often at you’d like, but this new theater solves that problem.

The Star Theatre Planetarium projects real constellations in precise detail. The LED technology projects 10,000 stars towards your ceiling when you turn on the Star Theatre option. The theater is a lot more accurate than those stick-on glow in the dark stars you might remember from your childhood. It also includes discs to display not only stars but also constellations, and it mimics the celestial movement of northern and southern hemispheres.