Standing Desks Have Become the Newest, Healthiest Office Alternative

 - Sep 19, 2011
References: online.wsj & gizmodo
Standing desks aren't merely a novel craze that's soon to leave -- its longevity is assured because of its overwhelming health benefits!

Think about the daily routine of the average American: He sits in his car, sits at his desk for eight hours and finally heads home to sit on his couch. That's the majority of the day spent installed at a chair, and with doctors claiming that day-long squatting causes obesity and blood clots, you might want to get off your behind. The folks at Google and Facebook have proven themselves to be ahead of the curve once again, as more and more employees toss their chairs to the side in lieu of standing desks. It may seem uncomfortable at first to spend a full workday on your feet, but you'll get used to it.

Several regional education circuits have even looked at the possibility of installing standing chairs which, beyond conferring long-term health benefits, would burn off the excess energy that tends to boil up within children.