The Sruli Recht Sleeping Mask is a Little Piece of Creepy Comfort

 - Mar 18, 2010
References: srulirecht & coolhunting
With all the heightened security nowadays at airports and the increased general fear of flying, you wouldn't think something like the Sruli Recht Sleeping Mask would get past customs. Indeed, if you want to keep yourself entertained on your long flight by terrifying children and seniors, you need to pick up one of these.

Meant to help with breathing and napping on a plane, the Sruli Recht Sleeping Mask comes built in with air purifiers and ear covers. Each mask has a respirator with replaceable N95 filters to ensure you're not breathing in recycled air that can contain viruses.

If you want a peaceful flight and to have your appearance resemble a demon, I can't think of any better product for you than the Sruli Recht Sleeping Mask.