#SpringBreakIt by GE Shows Off Its Product Innovations

GE's #SpringBreakIt campaign involves crushing, blasting and smashing objects to smithereens for the purposes of demonstration. In this particular #SpringBreakIt experiment, GE shows what 5,000 lbs of force crushing a glass filled with crayons looks like. The test is over pretty quickly, but it's repeated again in slow motion so you can see the crayons go flying everywhere. Later, GE remarks that it has developed composites that can withstand that amount of force.

Visiting the campaign website for GE's Spring Break It will show you even more experiments, including drop tests (Smash It), metal forging tests (Crush It) and erosion tests (Blast It.) With these experiments, GE is hoping to engage consumers with technology, science and innovation, especially since they might not be aware how much of an impact advanced materials have on their daily lives.