The Spitzlift is a Lightweight Crane That Can Lift Very Heavy Loads

 - Apr 14, 2014
References: spitzlift & gizmag
Spitzlift is a miniature crane that can be used to lift items such as cars, ATVs, motorcycles or indeed any other items that are too heavy for one person to lift and too challenging or potentially too dangerous for a group of people to attempt lifting.

The Spitzlift is a marvel in that it weighs only 30 pounds but is capable of lifting weights up to 900 pounds. It can easily be mounted anywhere and be used to lift heavy items that could cause back or spinal injuries. It comes in manual winch and electric versions; the electric version can be powered by a car battery. This marvelous mini-crane comes with different mounting options for greater flexibility.

A single kit costs between US$1,000 and $1,500 depending on mounting options and manual or electric winches.