The Spiral Washbasin by Naser and Taher Nasiri Incorporates a Foot Pedal

 - May 22, 2014
References: adesignaward & deconiche
The Spiral Washbasin has a futuristic look that can nevertheless be compared to the shape of a mollusk shell. In reality, it is inspired by a snake. Organic in a sci-fi sort of way, it coils upwards as though it were about to reach something. Instead, the Spiral Washbasin dips downwards to supply a steady stream of water when turned on.

What makes the Spiral Washbasin as practical as it is fantastical is the foot pedal at its base. This is what people must use in order to get water. Convenient and hygienic, the Spiral Washbasin was designed by Naser and Taher Nasiri. Naser regards water as a valuable natural resource, hence the allusion to a snake, which are told to guard precious treasures.