The Spin Carpets Make Vibrant and Whimsical Additions to a Drab Room

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: constanceguisset &
I cannot say that the image of the pinwheel on my sluggish Mac computer stimulates positive feelings; however, these Spin Carpets take on a very similar appearance and they are certainly capable of brightening a person up. Designed by Constance Guisset for Nodus, this pair of round area rugs exudes the beautiful spectral effects that come full circle with some wonderfully hypnotizing motifs.

The dynamic designs of both Spin 1 and Spin 2 have focuses that are off-centered, making them more engaging to examine. The first one features a beautiful twisted pattern of expanding colorful stripes that keep relatively consistent in width. The second Spin Carpet is visibly a more complex version of the former, integrating opposing curved lines that section off the stripes with subtle tonal changes for a jewel-like texture.